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The annual event

・A festival of God of the way

1/14, 1/17


・The cherry blossoms of Yagizaki Park kaguchiko

from the middle of April to end of April

小立八木崎公園 941番地

・Cherry blossoms at Fuji view hotel

from the middle of April to end of April

富士ビューホテル 勝山511

・Horseback archery Festival

on 29th April Every year

勝山しっこご公園 勝山3867

・Kawaguchiko herb Festival

from the middle of June to middle of July. It is View Point of Mt. Fuji here

八木崎公園 小立941

・The miniature shrine Festival of the Shinto shrine

on 9 th September Every year

富士小室浅間神社 勝山3951-2
金山神社 小立1526

・Kawaguchiko colored leaves Festival

from the end of October to middle of November


Tourist facilities

・Fujisengen Shrine

2005 Yoroconaga (1612) built the second ligatures, but in 1973 to the present location relocation restore was. With the trait of the Momoyama period Grand, elegant buildings.

・Gokaku Well

Very unusual wells called pentagonal wells from rim is in the Pentagon. It is said that arose from consideration and many people at the same time c seeing can make this form

・Kawaguchiko muse pavilion

The Kawaguchiko muse is a small museum that builts in the corner of the Kawaguchiko levee south coast and the Yagi cape park in the foot in Mt. Fuji.

・Myoho Temple

The temple which the pupil of the Nichiren holy priest who visited here founded. An origin of foundation Koan (1278) year. There are the cultural assets such as "the 30th the Shentang" "storage of Myoho-ji Temple bottom". The record that "the description of Myoho-ji Temple" is precious for a history student that I wrote down the state of the Yamakita, Fuji foot of the age of civil strife in detail.



Great erected, Lotus saints "myouhou Temple" was built in the first place is "kawabuchi Temple residence" and that is handed down from of old. Yamanashi Prefectural yagizaki Park Northeast offshore about 180 m island location (that is covered in lava natural stone) is a cultural assets of designated areas and the current Kawaguchiko hiramizu place at elevations 833 m this State is submerged the majority to State and risk prevention signs on the sailing and motor boats are located, as well grown plants willow trees, Brier, etc.

・Yagizaki Park

It is it with the main meeting place of "a herb festival" performed on six or seven moon in the beautiful park where herb and the flowers which are various are cultivated. In addition, I have both the character as the sports Park, and it is the treasure house of eminent wild birds in the prefecture. It is View Point of Mt. Fuji here